Weird Stalkery Subject Lines

So PSAT results came out about a week ago and I think I made a mistake checking the box that allows College Board to release my information. My inbox is flooded with messages from colleges who think I would be a good match for them (on what basis, I don’t even know- considering CollegeBoard doesn’t share PSAT scores). Some messages are spammy, some are downright stalkery. Here are some gems:

  1. <my name>, I’m interested in you. 
  2. You have the motivation we’re looking for.
  3. Study Biology in Washington D.C.
  4. We’re different- with purpose. 
  5. See your future, <my name>
  6. <my name>, you caught my attention.
  7. You’ve been chosen ….(This was particularly creepy since I just watched The Island) 
  8. You’ll love it here, we promise
  9. You’ve been selected <my name>
  10. We’ll give you a lifetime experience, in just 4 years. 

I’ve been unsubscribing and ignoring e-mails left and right (although I was seriously tempted by U Miss’s free gift). Colleges want to give me guides on how to choose colleges, but all I can think of is people asking their barber if they need a haircut.

I’d rather not have the spam. For the first 5-10 messages, it was flattering. Then it got annoying. Now I’m wondering if I’m going to have to live with this for the next year.

I just feel that these mass e-mails are very unpersonal especially since colleges are trying to appeal to you on an emotional level. From what I’ve heard, if I sent such an impersonal essay for the ‘Why College X’ prompt, I’d be promptly removed from consideration.
I don’t know- it just feels hypocritical.