Ashyn vs. Moria (Narrators of the Age of Legends Series)

Kelley Armstrong is best known for her adult paranormal fiction series, The Otherworlds, which feature pretty badass and inspiring female narrators/protagonists. And though Elena, Paige, Eve and Jamie and Savannah are amazing characters, it’s Moria and Ashyn from the Age of Legends series that really stick.

Sea of Shadows (Age of Legends, #1)Empire of Night (Age of Legends, #2)

The series is set in a fantasy world that bears some resemblance to our medieval age, complete with cloaks, strange-but-fascinating-honour-codes, paganry, princes, warriors, exiles and a punishing caste system. The books follow the twins, Ashyn and Moria with alternating PoV’s as they plow through creatures they thought were only in ‘stories’ and figure out who to trust, and how much.
Full of peril and betrayal- each character develops dramatically (but gradually). It becomes pretty obvious that the twins may look identical, but they have very different personalities.


Moria is the quintessential modern girl heroine. Brash, painfully honest and with a sharp temper and even sharper throwing knives, Moria is the girl we all want to be. Pragmatic about love and unabashedly unshy about the body and her wants- it’s hard not to envy her. Her actions (more likely her attitude: ‘do first, think later…maybe’) get her into heaps of trouble, but keep her relatable.
Moria has a hunting cat Daigo; It’s pretty obvious Ms. Armstrong is paying homage to that old adage about humans and their pets. Lethal, honest, volatile and sensuous- Moria is very much a panther. And doesn’t every girl secretly want to be a cat?


If we continue with the pet analogy, Ashyn is a hound. Dogs are loyal, calmer, more friendly and more desperate for approval. So is Ashyn.  She’s a strategic thinker, book smart, tactful and a bit of a romantic. She rarely says stupid stuff that she will regret later. Also, she will not force you into a love triangle which will probably end up breaking at least one heart  and two good friendships. (No, I’m not defensive at all). If Moria is the girl you want to be, Ashyn is the girl you are. She is the sweet girl next door who will be nice to the new girl and bite back insults when someone forgets their manners. She’s observant but can fade into the background as she withdraws into the newest romance novel she is reading. When her crush crushes on her sister, she will feel a little jealous but will try to mitigate the love-pain. When a guy she doesn’t like (in that way, at least) indicates he’s attracted to her, she will rebuff him as nicely as possible. Yet at the center of this soft and sweet girl is a core that’s as brave and as hard as steel. When her loyalty to her sister or to her friends is tested, she will show her mettle by logically choosing the best path and supporting their choices- no matter the fallout.

It’s not a competition, but if it were then Ashyn would be my favorite. Hands down. She reminds me of myself so much that I’m afraid there’s a good bit of ego and narcissism speaking in my previous statement. But I’m not taking it back.
In fact, I bet that she’s going to be imperative in the next (and final) book, Forest of Ruin which comes out on April 5th 2016. Take note people: I want this book for my birthday.

Forest of Ruin (Age of Legends, #3)

And then finally everyone will know the power of the quiet girl. Muahahahaha.

On a side note, if someone who knows the lovely Ms. Armstrong would persuade her to write something short from one of the guy’s PoV (preferably Rowan’s)- that would be awesome. I don’t think I could give you eternal servitude, or even scrambled eggs. But I could probably get you a squished apple. And eternal gratitude. Don’t forget the eternal gratitude and karmaic goodwill.

…Yes, there was a reference in the previous paragraph. Two actually. Kudos to you if you got it.