Silent Goodbye : A Poem

You trace the floor in quiet
steps so silent,
but I can still hear feet
as the they tap against
woodboards that tense
until your dancing feet
soothe and cajole it
into keeping screaming mouths
tightly shut.

I keep my eyes closed
as you bend toward
my still silhouette.
And you don’t know yet
that I’m only feigning rest
as you bend downward
to press warm lips on my
still closed eyes
and to whisper goodbye.

And my eyes remain shut
as your feet tap
across the creaky floor
and when the door
noiselessly shuts,
I open my eyes and heart
to let rejection pour out
and break into tiny parts.

Inspired by the never-elaborated on scene in Ann Aguirre’s book Blue Diabolo┬áseries where Corine leaves.