Poetry Corner

This is a section for original poetry. I started writing poetry way back (4 years ago or so) and I’ve always enjoyed it.  I love trying to capture a feeling or a moment of time with a couple of words. I love rooting around, testing words on my tongue to make them match a rhyme scheme or a meter. I highly doubt there’s any high as addictive and so deeply enjoyable as finishing creating an original piece of work which captures your mood and mindset.

I’m aware of how pretentious it is for a teenager tow write poetry (and think she’s good at it) so I won’t say I’m good- I’ll let you decide for yourself. Here’s a collection of poetry:

1984 Once More

Animal Sounds




Be A Bird


Dress-up Doll


Drowned Mermaid


Falling From Cotton Candy Clouds

From the Fooled To the Fae

Highs of a Book

I Don’t Know

I’m Sorry


Jackal Enters: A Halloween Poem

Journey of Our Love


Love Hurts

Mornings: A collection of Poems

Music and Love (3 poems)

Organ Harvester


The Seat Next to Mine

Secret Weapon

Silent Goodbye



Together Hands

To Sleep

Victim or Not?

Waiting For Her


Gods and other Greek things: A Series of poems

Dionysus, Can You Make Me?

Lady Of Marriage (Hera/Juno)

Immortalize You (Why does everyone in Greek Mythology die and become one with nature?)

What Say You to Winter? (Hades/Pluto)

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