Awesome (and Awful) Authors

When it comes to writing, authors have a very distinctive style. Not only do they tend to prefer one tense and a certain kind of point of view over others- their characters, dialogue and plot are usually recognisable. Chances are if you really enjoyed a book by a certain author, you’ll enjoy the rest of their work. If you really didn’t like an author, it might be best to steer clear of their books in the future.

I’m not saying there are awesome and awful authors (Oops! The title is pretty misleading.) After all, if an author’s got their book published, you can expect a certain level of quality from them but there are some author’s whose books you will find awful and some whose books you’ll think are absolutely awesome. If your tastes are similar to mine, perhaps you’ll learn from my mistakes and triumphs.

Cassandra Clare and her Continuing Series

Corrine Jackson is Crazy- In A Good Way

Elizabeth Wein– It’s a Shame Her Books aren’t More Popular

Why Jennifer Brown’s Writing Makes Me Jealous

How John Green Almost Drove Me To Genocide

Jojo Moyes’ writing has elements of Young Adult too

Lauren Layne is Perfectly Lovely

Neil Gaiman is an Inspiration to All Writers (and Other People Too)

Rainbow Rowell– Raving About Her

My Top 5 YA Realistic Fiction Authors




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