Longing: A Poem

I know what longing tastes like.

Like whipped cream and sugar

In a famine with no rain.

It tastes like light and glory

Everything that you can’t have.


Like the bardish story­tales

that I heard as a child,

Impotent dragons of old

With useless piles of gold

The shiny hoarded anyways.


Of black-teethed witches who lived in

stale­ pastry cottages

while good enough to lure

pimple poxed little children

but crumbled to graham dust

in the mouths of boiled witches.


It flickers like the Fool’s Gold

You see in Shamrock Hollows.

A shining illusion that disappears

As soon as a foot step comes near.

But to appear a few steps further.


I know what longing feels like.

Paper cuts from denial letters,

Ears watering from disappointment.

I know what longing feels like

And I know that it hurts.


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