You too

I know I’ve said it before a million times: You too.

“Have a good evening.”
“You too.”

“Take care of yourself.”
“Stay safe.”

Somehow, “You too” with a smile seems like a better alternative than repeating “Have a good evening” or “Take care of yourself”. Instead of sounding like a repetitive, insincere pop-song, “You too” is shorter, more sincere and -even if it doesn’t sound that way- more original.

you too

I’ve used the phrase so much it’s pretty much become automatic.

“Good luck.”
“You too.”

“Hope you enjoy the holidays.”
“You too.”

“Nobody wants you here.”
“You too.”

“Merry Christmas.”
“You too.”

And while it’s a little dubious whether “You too” is an adequate response for the last two, most of the time, “You too” is pretty convenient.

Except for when it’s not…

A friend told me about the time someone told her “Happy Birthday” and she said “You too” back. I almost choked myself on my laughter. I think I remember thinking something across the lines of “I’m so glad I’ve never done that.”

But then, a couple of days ago someone texted me “I love you.”
Guess what I replied?
Yep, I said, “You too.”

I was so mortified; I didn’t know what to say. I wondered if there was any way to make what I replied more acceptable sounding, but I really couldn’t think of anything.

On a scale of “I know” to “I love you too”, “You too” is closer to the “I know “side of the spectrum in how not to respond when someone declares their love.

So while, “You too” is convenient, simple, beautiful and friendly- I think I’m going to abstain for a while.

On that note, happy holidays. If you celebrate, I hope your Christmas was merry.  For the rest of you, Happy New Year.


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