A Poem (Prompt: Describe something ordinary, Making it seem Extraordinary)

(Prompt: Describe something ordinary, making it seem extraordinary)

I play blind­man’s bluff and pin-­the-­tail.

Unseeing eyes using other metrics

to measure on a more subjective scale

Has this been done? Has this gone stale?


I poke and prod with heavy metal sticks

That roll and disappear between my fingertips.

I duck to the floor, on hands and praying knees

begging an unknown deity


I regain my grip.

I find a grasp.

And the stick is safe within sticky fingers secure.

I point. I jab. I jab. I jab. I jab.

My stick is a pain­stick.

And in my hands, it causes havoc.

It dodges. It weaves. It tries using locks.

Ultimately I find my target.


It sinks in.

Bulls eye. Needle eye. I spy.

With my little eye.

A javelin that pierced a hole,

A spear that found it’s target.

A sword that stabbed it’s mark.


I spin in a little victory dance.

Metal rivets whirling in tiny circles.

I turn. I turn. I turn.

Finally I give up and I push.

My target cries a meek little cry.


I admire my work

And then I bend

To pick up

the matching earring.


I need a title for this because earring would have given it away immediately.
It’s supposed to be spoken word.
On an unrelated note, I am back from my 50,000 word in a month marathon. Hint: I did not give up.



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