Jackal Enters: A Halloween Poem

Jackal Enters

I say it fast.
Syllables all running together.
Jack- A- Lent-Urn.
Jackal Enter.

Faces grin at me.
Carved out eyes.
Spilling out with
pumpkin flesh
and gooey guts
and bony seeds.

They glow at me.
With triangle eyes
and square pupils.
Little flames flickering
suspicious behind them.

“Hello, dear girl”
they whisper secretively.
“Is it Trick or Treat?”
Today they grin at me,
Sharp, toothy grins
illuminated within.

“Treat”, I whisper back.
My pulse skittering,
And my heart hammering
pulsing orange vitality,
and then the black
of deadened winter.

I’m dressed to scare tonight.
And I scare myself,
The neighbours who silently
hand over
nutty bars of chocolte
and red coloured, clear wrapped
boiled cavities.

But not the pumpkins.
I don’t, can’t scare them. The Jackal enters.
Laughing like a hyena.
“We’ll burn you.” They whisper again.

With shaking hands
I accept confectionaries.
With trembling ears
I hear eerie giggles.

When I tiptoe back home.
Pillow sack full of empty sugars.
Fingers sticking together,
numbed by cold.
I turn on the porch lights.
My hands are black not blue.

Black, black, black
like the hissing
fur on an inky cat.
Black, black, black
like the billowing
spider silk of a witches hat.
Black, black, black
like the steaming
of a coffee
no sweetener or cream.
Black, black,black
like the shrilling
ear piercing sound I scream.

“They burned me,” I whisper in
kerosene and smoke shadows.
“They burned me,” I disbelieve
shaking my foggy head.
“Those fucking Jackal enters!”

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