Fair Warning: NaNoWriMo

nanoprepOne more book review. One more poem. Then after Halloween you won’t see me for a while. No, I don’t plan to say “Bloody Mary” thrice in front of a mirror. However, I do plan to do something as arguably crazy and dangerous.

Yes! I’m participating in National Novel Writing Month this year. (It’s item number 17 on my bucket list)  50,000 words in 30 days? I am so pumped!
…Also a little bit intimidated. Just a little bit. 🙂
[I’m scared to do the math and calculate how much I’ll need to write every day.]

So you understand why I’ll disappear. All my free time will be funneled into writing. It will be intense. I don’t know yet if it will be intense-awesome or intense-awful.
You’ll probably hear nothing from me except an occasional status report to prove I’m not dead and to brag about my word count!

The goal is to complete a novel by the end on November. I’m planning to do a dark re-take on Snow White. I want to do something from the step-mother’s point of view where Snow White is the vain and evil one. Yes, there will be romance (with the Hunter), grisly descriptions and familial relationships. I’m tentatively calling it Blood, Bone and Ashes (for now) and it will be full of betrayal. It should be fun to write- and hopefully even funner (I know, I know- not a word) to read.

Clearly I’ve put a lot of thought into this…

Send me encouragement and love. Positive waves and whatnot.

If the idea of a writing marathon sounds fun to anyone else, you can go to the official website here. I’d be glad to have a writing buddy <hint, hint>. Message me.


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