Evil: A Poem

Forehead pressed to the ground.

Smudging against the dirt.

Eyes blinded with floating dust,

Watering and tearing,

Against the injustice, the tragedy.

See no evil.


Lips muffled, making no sound,

Choking on the ashes of Earth.

Go down. Go down they must.

Choking and spitting,

Swallowing humanity.

Speak against no evil.


Eyes staying lowered down,

Lashes glued for all they’re worth.

Hoping, full of trust,

Is someone else rising?

Practising bravery?

Challenge no evil.


No one stands.

Knees, foreheads, lips, eyes.

All stuck by shame and fear.

When the evil’s no longer around,

Keep your eyes, lips,  forehead on the ground

Become an evil.

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