What Say You to Winter (Hades): A Poem

King of the Dead, what say you to winter?

It’s  Death’s season, is it not?

As things cover with snow, ice and rot

Do you revel and rejoice with grand

Cries of joy as your kingdom expands

As frozen frost flows fast over the world,

Spreading icy tendrils of your influence milord?

Or is it the more private, happy joy of family

Which turns you deliriously giddy?

Now as the cold season approaches

Do you dream of the triumphant success

Of your territory growing to bloated excess

Or does  your flower bride’s homecoming

Make you more loving, more caring

For this frozen season than any other?

Home from your pouting sister and her loving mother

Bringing home, with her, fragrant beauty,

A whirlwind of colour and sweet voice-flutey.

For six long months you’ve been apart.

After those lethargic months are these magic?

You’ll get to deal with the increasing sick

As the cold rattles aching bones and they die

Travelling to meet you with coins covering eyes.

But is it their arrival that you anticipate

Or is it your beautiful bride home descent?

Tell me milord, what say you to winter?

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