Immortalise You: A Poem

“If you die saving my life,
I will immortalise you.
I promise, I vow, I swear.
I will sing your song
At the top of my lungs,
Fill it with phoenix fire.
Let it burn the entire world.

Climb to the highest roof.
To ringing church bells.
And I will let my words fall
From crosses on steeples.
As I describe how you rose.

You held my fragile, cracked.
No, my shattered life in your hands.
You fixed me. Once and then again. 
You made me whole again.
And you gave me life
Just as much as my Mother did.

If you die saving my life,
Falling because I couldn’t
Bear my own heavy weight,
Bear my own tired burden
Bear my own scary pain,
I will scream my heart out for you.

I’ll tell the Gods to give you back.
I’ll beg with them, bargain with them.
And then you’ll live forever.
In the stars, or in the sea, or on land.
Wherever you want to live.
However you want to live.
But Godsdamnit all, you’ll live.

If you die saving my life,
I’ll drag you back from
Bowing orchards and rolling fields.
Or boiling vats of oil,
Whatever it may be.

I’ll grab your hand
Lock your fingers in mine.
And I’ll pull. I’ll keep pulling.
Until you’re alive again.

If you die saving my life.
You won’t die saving my life.
Hear me, will you? You won’t.
But if you do, You won’t
be gone for long.

Because I’ll immortalise you.
I’ll let you live if it’s the last thing I do. “


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