Lady of Marriage: A Poem

Lady of Marriage, is your title a taunt?

For the liberties that your husband does flaunt-

That the ribbons of fidelity do not dare to bind

As he sneaks out in full view from laws you ordained

To another woman’s heart and into her bed

Jealous Juno, doesn’t it make you see red?

And as you sit on your pretty peacock throne

In your court of the kingdom of skies alone

Your own children gossip loud and bold

That the reason he strays is because you’re cold

Unfeeling and unpassionate, filled with duty

And responsibilty instead of beauty.

And their half siblings flinch and cringe in fear

But as soon as the think you don’t hear

They go ahead and drag dirt through your name

To your utter and complete quiet shame

Flinging old news of your still fresh jealousy

Around like it’s interesting, maybe even funny.

When Jupite, a  better father than husband listens

To his unlovable bastard, illegitimate children

And once more the whole court whispers

Not even bothering to hide their whispers

As you fall out of favour with your lord husband

And he accepts another woman’s welcoming hand

At times like these, your title feels like a taunt.


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