Dionysus, Can You Make Me?: A Poem

Oh, Wine Boy! Can you make me lose myself in dance?

Can you draw back your ivied harp and pull it’s strings,

Pull my limbs taut and loose in turn,

Send my hips rocking in wild, careless abandon,

Pluck at the strings without a pattern?

Oh! Wine Boy can you get me to imbibe?

Get me drunk on sweet, grape flavoured ambrosia,

A substitute for the God’s own nectar

Till my pupils go dilated and eyes heavy-lidded,

My breath come in saccharine, slow and languid,

And my pulse flutter like a flighty hummingbird?

Oh! Wine Boy! Can you seduce me with wicked touches?

Can you make me crave your burning touch,

Fleeting, animalistic fingers of passion,

Kisses divinely deep, liquor-induced sloppiness,

And heavy, unforgettable lust dripping

From each, quick, fun-seeking brush?

Oh, Wine Boy! Can you drive me to insanity?

Push me to the brink and then yank

Back till I’m whirling in visions of white coats,

Drowning in a pool of vomit and memories

Hazy, almost forgotten but not gone.

Oh, Wine Boy what marvellous, terrible deeds can you do?


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