Be a Bird: A Poem

Ankles turned inward, the penguin shuffles to an unknown destination,

Awkward angles and even more awkward lines of his stride causing hesitation. 

Hunching over to protect it’s lanky frame from hot and cold gusting air

A menace ripping at self-esteem and confidence, destructive without a care.

Fuzzy yellow down melting into over-gelled, multicoloured locks

An identity crisis, layers of ruffled colours, confused and staring in shock.

Doing their best to stand up and out in a sea of similarly supreme plumage

Fighting their paranoid way out of only perceived traps and a pretend gilded cage

Like every other faux confident red-breasted, thick-chested rooster in the coop

So sure that other birds are doing their best to keep him out of the loop.

The cock self-consciously ruffles his wings instead of flexing and fluttering

Because the bird’s determined to be a peacock, he remains one thing

A flightless bird terrified of stretching arms wide and lifting up in flight

Remains grounded with his nest-mates to rowdily scuffle, peck and bite.

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