My Rating Scale

This seems horribly backward! Why haven’t I posted my rating scale yet? Obviously, because I temporarily lost my mind. (yeah right- for one and a half year?)

This pitiful human heaps a dozen apologies at your sacred feet. She is so sorry you have suffered and been totally clueless because of her absent-mindedness.

I plan to make amends now. <Insert mental drum roll here> Presenting the  long-awaited rating scale:

1/5- Yuck! I didn’t finish this book. I don’t even feel guilty about leaving it. It’s a terrible waste of time and will kill your brain cells. Read at your own peril. I will not be responsible for the results.

2/5- I really, really disliked this book. It’s possible I didn’t finish it. But I did see something redeemable in there, and/or I have heard great things about this book from other people.

(Note: When is it okay to just stay ‘stop’? When do I stop reading?)

3/5-  I like this book. It was cute. Possibly sweet. But there was at least one major thing I didn’t like about this book.

4/5– This book was amazing! You can thank me after you’re done reading the book. A few minor issues that you probably won’t catch during first read anyway.

5/5- This book is manna from heaven! (or ambrosia, if you’re more comfortable with that word). I’m stingy with my 5’s so sit up and take notice!

Also, go ahead and take a look at which criteria I consider when I rate books.

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