Secret Weapon: A Poem

You’re a tornado of destruction, yes.

But I figured that out even as

You invited me to be involved.

No disappointments :You were a mess.

But I knew that before I opened the door.

I saw the soot smudged windows

And the peeling purplish paint.

I saw the garden of weeds rising high.

I saw the whole trailer park hellish estate.

I saw storm clouds gathering in the sky.

So when I walked in, I walked in aware.

You’re a mad-house. A mental hospital of sorts,

With twice covered tattoos of hearts then barbed wires.

You don’t wear your heart on your sleeve.

You just wore a badge of conquests won,

Of vicious cons, rather cleverly run,

Who thought they had won, but had actually lost.

And the barbed wire? You made a point from the start.

A fair warning from a secure predator to his prey.

But when you smiled a challenge at me, I smiled right back.

Because I knew what my smile meant.

I had the knowledge that you’ll always lack.

And I decimated you. Destroyed you totally.

You’ll realise it too late, after a long while.

As soon as I smiled that simpering pearly smile.

I attacked you with demure twin sets and fingers twirled in hair,

With faux-shy glances under very real lush lashes.

And cheek pinching, red rogue induced ‘blushes’.

I won the game. Did you even realise we were playing?

I suppose it comes to you as a surprise

That suburban 3 bedrooms can bring the house down,

That blonde hair and blue eyes are targeted missiles

When combined with bubblegum lips and sadistic designs

And that wolves really do walk around in sheep disguise.

Their sharp teeth hidden beneath pure white fleece.

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