The Difference between 15 and 16

So as of April 8, I am a 16 year old.

For the longest time, I thought 16 was a landmark age. I mean, there has to be some reason it’s called sweet 16, right?
Unfortunately, now that I’m 16 the landmark seems to have shrunk.

I did a Google search on ‘things you can do when you’re 16’. Sites from UK sees to dominate the search results; 16 seems to actually mean a lot for the Brits (and the Scots and the Irish). Not so much for the rest of the world.
As a 16 YO, here’s what I can do:

  1. Legally drink in Germany and Mexico! (First of all, I highly doubt I’m going to Germany and Mexico anytime soon. Second of all, I don’t plan to drink.) 
  2. You can drive. (I need to learn how to; besides this isn’t even true in India)
  3. You can have sex with an 18 year old! (Hmm…tempting. No.)
  4. You can get body piercings. (I think you just need parental permission for most body piercings here; you can do it any age.)
  5. You can be out later then 10:30 in the city of St.Albert. (Umm…curfew for being out? Imposed by the government? Non-existent here.)
  6. You can now get a job at Starbucks, Zellers and Walmart! (Nope you need to pass 12th grade for Starbucks. Zellers and Walmart don’t exist here- yet.)
  7. You can get a a credit card. (Which I won’t be able to use anyways)
  8. You can get married without parental consent (Only in certain places. And I believe marriage can wait. It can wait for a long time!)
  9. You can now work full-time. (Nope. I still need to go to school)
  10. You can move out of your house. (I think I’ll stay at home for a while)
  11. You can work at a daycare. (I highly doubt any parent wants to put their little darlings under my care.)
  12. You can get a US passport that’s valid for 10 years (I’m actually planning on doing this.)
  13. You can buy a lottery ticket. (No offense, but it’s a fools game)

So being 16 means pretty much the same thing being 15 meant to me. Oh well! I guess there’s always 18.

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