Why I Won’t be Writing for the Next Two Months

Hey! This isn’t going to be a post explaining why I haven’t posted in a while (I hate those)- this is going to be even worse.

So…If you’re not in India, you probably have no idea what the board exams are. Lucky you! Although if you’re part of the IGCSE board, I think you have to do your O-Levels, right?

Anyways at the end of 10th grade, we Indians have to write an exam in each subject (Maths, English, Science, Social Studies and Hindi) testing us on everything that we’ve learnt. It’s a national level exam and it’s a HUGE thing. It’ll be a major deciding factor for what streams we can take up next year (in 11th), and ultimately our career choices. Considering the fact that I want to take a stream which is in high demand and my grades haven’t been all that hot this year, this is an opportunity for me to fix things/screw them up even more badly.
Additionally, I’ve been told that in job interviews I’ll have decades later, they’ll ask me- “What were your board exam results?”

I am freaking out. Even more than me, my parents are freaking out.

Bottom line is- the board exams are important and my cell phone and computer have been confiscated ’til they’re over.

So the week after next I’ll be writing my pre-boards. The month after next, I’ll be writing my boards. And in the meantime I won’t be writing any posts.

However, as soon as my summer break begins (March 20th if you’re interested in knowing), I will do my best to make up for lost time.

Wish me luck! (Both for my studies and for the exams themselves)


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