Falling From Cotton Candy Clouds: A poem

I fell from cotton candy clouds.
I fell from those sweet pastel shades
constantly hovering, wishing well
to all those gathered beneath.

I slid down a long licorice rope,
a tempting twist of tragedy.
I slipped and lost my cotton candy
crown- I lost it for eternity.

I brushed past the gumdrop mountains
too full of pride to pick at powdered sugar,
above digging at jelly and too full of anger
to consider my loss and lack of power.

I grabbed desperately at toffee trees,
breaking bunches of golden brown caramel
in a desperate effort to break my fall,
grasping at straws pixie dust filled.

I fell hard on stale ancient mints,
strong smelling and astringent.
A life lived by borrowing things lent
and wishing, wishing I could repent.


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