Dress Up Doll: A Poem

I am airbrushed porcelain.
Red lipped. Pink cheeked stains.
Fat ringlets the colour of grain
tied back neatly with blue ribbon
and a matching dress of satin,
long, leading, gauzy, graceful train.

I am all teeth perfectly pearly,
white, evenly shaped and tiny.
I am all blue eyes, watery and glassy
rimmed in long, fake golden lashes curly.
I am all fake blond hair- straight and shiny.
I am all ivory skin- brittle but pretty.

I am your doll. You dress me up.
You watch me become a miniature.
a reflection, an image of your figure
as a I grow up little by little, always an adult
always and still your personal dress up doll.
Perfect. Pretty. No disfiguration.
Nothing. Empty. No substantation.

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