Blog Reorg for the Better

Just wanted to let everyone know that I just reorganised my blog a little.

If you look at my Main Menu (that’s the menu at the very top, attached to the header), I’ve changed the scrolling posts of Book Reviews to a single page- A Book Review Archive- which should have links to all the books that I’ve reviewed. I realised it was pretty impractical and inconvenient for it’s to be a scrolling list. I’m so sorry if it’s wasted any of your time or caused any frustration.  After all how many people here want to actually want to read all my book reviews? <Watches hands stay down and nods in satisfaction> I thought so. Hopefully the new set-up will make it easier for you to read reviews of books that you’re actually interested in reading reviews of. If that fails, I’d like to remind everyone that this blog has a search button which might be able to help you.

I’ve done a similar thing for my Awesome and Awful Authors button (which is now a subcategory under Book Review Archive) and for my Poetry Corner. I don’t have a lot of posts in either of those categories right now but I see that changing in the near future. <Fingers crossed>

Thankyou guys for taking the time to read through my posts (even ones as boring as this one).You have no idea how much it means to me. But I love you for it- seriously.

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