Waiting for Her: A Poem

Rules of the prompt: It must be a meaningful poem which ends with the phrase ‘Out of the Blue’.

With a gypsy’s soul barely contained inside,
and itchy feet bursting forth with wanderlust,
She couldn’t stay long, though who knew if she ┬átried.
Moving so fast, her suitcase never gathered dust.

She’d walk into town one day and there she’d decide to reside
But in a week or so, she’d walk back out unable to adjust.
Waiting for those who loved her in the same way as time and tide-
She just came and went. And went and went and went and went.

One sticky, lazy day she’d go out to collect everything she’d lent
settle her bills, pack her bags and when there was nothing left to do,
She’d give us vague smiles and promises to write letters (that remained unsent)
and take her itchy feet and aching soul to somewhere like London or Purdue.

She never stayed long. Never more than a month’s worth of rent.
And when she’d leave, she’d leave us with hearts torn anew,
Leaving us to wait full of frustrated love and resentment
For her to come back somewhere out of the blue.


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