Shortening My Posts

Mmmhmm, it’s true. I’m planning to make my posts shorter. There are a lot of reasons for this.

Someone recently told me that I needed to ‘declutter’ my writing. Ouch!- that hurt but I have to agree that it’s true. I looked back at my writing (and I found myself cringing at certain points). Let me just say there are a lot of rants and rambles.  The most effective way I can think of to ‘declutter’ my writing is to impose a word limit (say, under 800 words) and stick to it, cutting out everything that is unnecessary.

I write for myself but I want my content to be read by others too. Is that oxymoronic and hypocritical? I highly doubt it. After all, we all want a little bit of appreciation when we do the things we love. It’s a well known fact that blog posts over a 1000 words are wwaaayyy too long and that most people automatically ignore or (worse) just skim over such posts. So I have to face the fact that if I want to get people to actually read my reviews, I have to shorten them a bit.

This whole shortening posts is for me too. I’m trying to improve my writing. Sweet and succinct is something to strive for. So I’m going to strive for it.  I think we’d all agree that quality wins over quantity any day.

I’m going to somewhat ignore what I just wrote up there in the last sentence. I may- emphasis on may (I don’t want to promise anything because I really, really hate breaking promises)-be able to review more books. After all, it’s not like I don’t already have dozens of books that I’ve already read queued up just waiting to be reviewed.

So here’s to a larger number of shorter, sweeter reviews. Wish me luck, guys. 

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